Fresh Republic Lager
Fresh Republic Lager

Fresh Republic Lager

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Clean. Crisp. Golden.

Simple but fiercely fresh Continental lager. Kosch style full-bodied beer with a clean, crisp finish. Supersubtle fruit and hop character, pale/light gold colour and a touch of maltiness throughout gives a refreshing finish. Delicately dry, always refreshing.

Developing Your Beer

Our brewing times get you incredible Fresh Beer. You can develop your beer further by brewing for longer. Fermenting Fresh Republic Lager for up to 8 days in total and conditioning for up to 12 days in total will increase clarity and dryness, and produce a more rounded flavour.

Type: Lager

Hops: Saaz hop

ABV: 4.4%

Makes: 10 Pints

Brewing Time: 6 days

Conditioning Time: 2 days

Energy kcal per 284ml serving: 131