FAQs - I have a problem with my Pinter

Is it normal if there's foam coming from the back of my Pinter?

Foam coming from the Carbonation Dial can often indicate that the Beer or Cider was not quite cold enough during Conditioning. Conditioning allows the CO2 created by the yeast during fermentation to be dissolved which makes it carbonated. If the Pinter is not cold enough during Conditioning, the CO2 will not be fully absorbed. This means the pressure can instead be released through the Carbonation Dial when it's turned to 'Off’ and can force out some foam with it. It may be that the fridge temperature was not low enough, that the fridge was opened a little too frequently or even that other items in the fridge may have brought the temperature up. Conditioning your Pinter for an extra few days, at a slightly lower temperature if possible, should help to prevent this from happening again.

It looks like there is water leaking from the seam of my Pinter, is this normal?

When water is trapped between the inside bottle and the casing of the Pinter, it can seem like there is a leak. Water may get trapped during cleaning or purification and it is sometimes not discovered until it is then in the Conditioning position. This isn't anything to worry about, and doesn't indicate any problem with your Pinter, you just need to give it a good shake to remove any excess water and allow it to fully dry after cleaning. We'd recommend making sure your Pinter isn't fully submerged in water during cleaning to help avoid this happening.

I can't attach my Brewing Dock - help!

We’ve got a handy guide in the following video that should help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7uyxs2f5aw. If you’re still having difficulty, there is an alternative method which is to try attaching your Brewing Dock upside down, by lowering your Pinter onto the Brewing Dock and using the weight of your Pinter to help encourage it into position. We would just advise doing this in the sink or away from any carpet, as there is a very small chance of some spillage.

How do I change my tap?

To change the tap there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure this is done correctly. Please follow this video of our Pinter expert, Alex, walking through how to do this correctly and safely: https://thegreatergood.co.uk/pages/quickflow-tap-installation If you're still having issues, we can talk you through how to change your tap over the phone: 0116 326 2768. Please note that you won't need to remove your tap during regular use, only when replacing.

My Pinter is making a hissing noise, is that normal?

Hearing an intermittent hiss coming from the Carbonation Dial during the Brewing process is completely normal and nothing to worry about at all. It is simply excess pressure being released. If you do not hear a hissing sound, it just means that your Pinter is at the correct pressure and does not need to de-pressurise itself.

How do I get replacement parts?

We don't currently sell replacement parts, but please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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