Have priority access to our limited-edition Fresh Beer every month.

Have the chance to share your feedback which will help us decide which new Fresh Beers to make.

You will be first to hear about new product launches and our latest news.


Rolling Monthly Subscription 

Sign up and you can choose to have up to 4 Fresh Beer Pinter Packs delivered in letterbox friendly boxes each and every month.

Following your third month in the Fresh Beer Club (monthly subscription), you will receive an engraved Fresh Beer Club tap handle.

Each Fresh Press is £12 so you pay up to £48 per month depending on how many Fresh Presses you choose. For example if you choose just one per month it's £12. 

Receive a welcome pack containing free Pinter Fresh Beer glass and your first order Fresh Press(es).

On a monthly basis you can edit your drink choice before the 28th of the month.

On 28th of every month you will be charged your monthly subscription cost, we will then dispatch your chosen Fresh Beer following on the first working day of the month.