Pinter Technical

  • How long does it take to make your drink?
Typically 4-5 days depending on the drink type.
  • How much beer can the Pinter produce at one time?
The Pinter can hold 10 pints. 
  • How long is the beer fresh for?
We recommend drinking within 7 days.
  • How do I store my Fresh Presses?
Before opening, we recommend storing at room temperature.
  • What size is the Pinter?

The Pinter has been designed to fit in 80% of fridges without needing to change the shelf configuration. The dimensions for the conditioning stage (without the Brewing Dock on) are 380mm L x 245mm W x 220mm H

  • What are the abv of the drinks?

The strength of our drinks currently vary from between 4-5%-5%. We are always developing new recipes, and new drinks may have different abvs.

  • Does it work with all water hardness?

We have spent many years developing recipes with specific yeasts and nutrients to make them very versatile across different water hardnesses. 

  • How does the drink carbonate? 

This is the first vessel that naturally carbonates in this way. You would normally put into a secondary fermentation vessel, but our unique patent pending system means you are able to separate the yeast at pressure. For carbonation, that means we can hold on to the CO2 that's produced during fermentation and use this to carbonate the beer. We vent excess CO2 that is produced through a primary valve system unique to our design. A secondary safety valve is also in place.

  • Can I make non-carbonated drinks?

The Pinter has the functionality to make both carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

  • Can I brew other drinks in my Pinter? 

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend and can't guarantee brewing other drinks in the Pinter, if this is done it voids the 1 year warranty. This is because the particular matter of other beers haven't been tested with our valves and tapping systems. 

  • How long does the Pinter need to chill before drinking?

Conditioning times (reducing the temperature to aid clarity and carbonation) vary from drink to drink and you can find at the bottom of the home page on the Fresh Beer product pages.